21 January 2014

The Conversation - 8

"So how have you been feeling today?"

"Quite positive actually."

"You bloody joking?"

"No. I think I've been getting things into a more appropriate perspective and have been remembering that the future can be an opportunity to develop rather than necessarily an abyss of disasters to fear."

"You been on the booze?"

"Nope. Not a drop. And some people offered me praise today and I accepted it at face value rather than wondering what they were scheming."

"Ah, it must be the happy pills then. What ones are you on?"

"Not on any at all. I've just been managing to unload all of my exaggerated troubles off of my back and remember that the past has gone, and it can't be changed anyway, but I may have some ability to shape some of what is yet to come, and it might not all be bad. Some of it might even turn out to be quite good."

"You really are joking me, aren't you?"

"No. I'm just looking forward to tomorrow."

"And feeling quite happy?"

"Reasonably so... Quite content and positive, at least."

"In this world? In this life? In this bleedin' universe? You must be fucking mad!"

"Yes indeed... I think that's the secret isn't it?"

"Ah... Yes... Keep it up lad. You keep it up."

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Elephant's Child said...

Some days insanity is a real gift. A poor memory and no imagination probably equally so.
Sadly not all of these gifts are mine.

Claude said...

This is the most sensible conversation yet.

Happy is not necessary for a bird to fly. "Content and positive" is what will keep it going. Content to sing. Positive there is food out there. And other birds to sing with...

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks. I think The Conversation may be finished now, but you never know. My moods are fickle and I should stop pretending I have any idea how they will unfold in the future. Right now I am under savage attack by the viruses that create the head cold, so all I want for the immediate future is a warm bath, a good sleep, and a fighting immune system. Goodnight.

susan said...

I couldn't add more to what Claude has said already.

Meanwhile, I hope you're getting over your cold.

Syncopated Eyeball said...