2 January 2014

The Conversation - 3

"So what are you going to do next?"


"Ah... still being silly playing around with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics are you?"

"Some of me are."

"Oh, just stop it, you're becoming irritating."

"Many of me have stopped it, just not this one."

"Stop it."


"Thank goodness for that. So are you going to keep posting on this blog?"

"Yes and no."

"Stop it!"

"You'll just have to see which version of the universe you end up in, won't you? With me, blogging, or not blogging, blogging rubbish, or blogging quality, blogging... Anyway, as for me, I'll be seeking out the versions of existence where I can find some sort of peace and contentment, that's all."

"You? Which one of you?"

"Now you stop it."

"Well good luck."

"Yes good luck. To us all."

"If luck has anything to do with it."

"Or fate?"

"Or chance?"

"Or freedom?"

"Nobody knows, eh?"

"Nope. Nobody. Not a single one of them."

"Or us."

"Let's sleep now."



Elephant's Child said...

You are making my brain cells (both of them) hurt.
Peace and contentment sound pretty good goals to strive for though.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

By writing I seem to be able to release some of the hurt inside my own brain cells dear friend, but I am just sorry that some of the pain is being transferred into you. Have we discovered The Law of Conservation of Mental Anguish? I though it was supposed to be good to share? :) I'll try to send some peace and contentment to you in prayers that I don't really believe in tonight, but maybe if I pretend really hard a little will sneak through :) Goodnight.

Syncopated Eyeball said...

Night night, sleep tight.

Claude said...

The question is not: To be or not to be. I never had a choice.

The question is:
Who to be
When to be
How to be
Where to be
With whom to be

So tiring...I'm going back to sleep. Let me know what's the plan for today. I'll do my best!