30 December 2014

Reflections in the young Forth


And thus it begins, all over again, but always different.
What? We'll see. Maybe. Let's go.
No? Neither do I.

Don QuiScottie and his Dulcinea and their heirs

On the occasion of Princess QuiScottie's 26th birthday meal. Jings...

and here is what the little Princess and her big brother Prince QuiScottie have become:

after the Princess (with a younger Don) started out like this:

Exactly how it all happened is a mystery.

Onwards with Dulcinea to further quests...

Does she look ever so slightly reluctant to follow her noble Don? An appearance of kindly humouring him in his noble desires? Hah, she does make such a good pretence of hiding the upwelling of her devotion.

28 December 2014


Holes burnt by the sun

The clouds brought snow

The best of the worst

The worst ignorance
is to be ignorant of our ignorance
The worst certainty
is the certainty there is no uncertainty
The worst thoughts
are the thoughtless thoughts
The worst words
are the words that hurt
The worst hurts
are the hurts by words
and the worst response
is to despair
The worst days
are the days of failure
but the best days
are when failure triggers
the best response
which is to build
and to repair
and looking back
to say
that the best day
was that worst day
the worst day
the best day
the best day
the best
the best
is there
is here