16 November 2013

Blogging blurring

The previous post, End game beginning, is a temporary offering for those few people who are interested in the draft sequel to Report on Sample 717. It will probably soon be removed, and so may most of the previous posts here as I have been undergoing repeated bouts of existential blogging angst, which means... well, I am not quite sure what it means, but at times I find the trail of past posts depressing, and then I feel differently about them, and then they depress me again. And blogging often distracts me rather pointlessly from other things that would probably be a better use of my time. I'll keep all posts and comments somewhere, just as I have kept everything from my previous blogging incarnations spanning several years, but the blog, if it survives, will probably become a brief and temporary location for only some recent photos and words, with old ones dropping off as new ones arrive. Who cares? Not many, I know, but I felt I should offer a little prior explanation to the few, and here is a suitably agitated but rather pretty photo for you too:


Claude said...

This is exactly the way I always felt about blogging: Here today...Gone tomorrow...Here again tonight...Gone in the morning....

If it becomes an obligation, it loses all its appeal and its charm for the blogger and readers.

Do as you feel, Andrew. Of course, I might stop sending the one thousand a week I have done since the year 2007. I was getting short of monopoly money anyhow.

Don't change your email address, and keep us aware of new publications.
Keep well and writing!

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks Claude. Whatever resolution I make about blogging, I always soon tend to have new photos I want to share, so will probably continue to do so; but when I share meaningful words I almost always at some point end up thinking "why the hell did I say that there?" and I am increasingly finding all of my participation in the entire "blogsphere" a disturbance to my mind that is already generally disturbed enough. I think I have now made a little secret pact with myself, however, that will allow some transient photos to flow, at least, and news of further writing to continue in the sidebar, at least. The blog will likely change soon but the blog address and email address will not.

Ashley said...

I hope you don't altogether disappear from the blogosphere, Andrew.
I do understand your ambivalence about blogging. Sometimes I just can't do it, I can't keep up with answering and leaving comments and sometimes I don't even want to. More often, though, it aids me. My photography is important to me; sometimes, quite often. it is easier for me to express myself, my feelings with an image than with words. I've told myself that the images are the most important part of it all for me. So sometimes I'm posting pictures but no words.
That's not to say that I don't enjoy the social side of it though. I like how one can 'meet' people that one wouldn't otherwise; and people from allover.
Sometimes I take a break. I've noticed that most long-term bloggers do that from time to time. Sometimes I want to do things with my hands and away from technology and electricity. I've read about five books in the past couple of weeks due to being online less. I don't like it when I don't read enough.
Anyway, Andrew, you're one of the people that it's been my pleasure to meet and interact with.
I hope this makes sense, I've not been awake for very long this morning.
Best wishes to you.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Makes perfect sense Ashley. I don't expect to disappear entirely. It has been a pleasure to "meet" you too.

Sean Jeating said...

"And blogging often distracts me rather pointlessly from other things that would probably be a better use of my time."

That made me smile. It's a thought I do have once in a while; well, quite often, actually.
What does keep me from closing down?
My "fabulous few". :)
Still, the moment will come. Good to have eachother's e-mail address. Thus, the surviving few will "hear" when someone's bell has tolled. There will be no answer.
In the meantime, let's enjoy . . . (the peace of) winter*.

* Why would – writing 'winter' –I come to think of windmills, colon and right parenthesis and another quest, worthwile to start?

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Too many windmills whirling in my mind at present, but I will tilt my lance at them all, says the ghost of Don QuiScottie, determinedly.

Sean Jeating said...

La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas. :)

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

... and the blue-arsed fly hits the window, again, and again, and again :)

Sean Jeating said...

Ha ha ha . . . The peace of the night!

susan said...

So many of the people who were co-bloggers when I began in 2007 have quit for some reason or another - never mind those who have died and so can't be blamed for hardly ever visiting anymore.

Looking back over 600 or so posts is an occasionally melancholy experience but they continue, even if with much less frequency than in those halcyon times when we served as mutual inspiration. Without the blog my friend Crow would never have left word of his presence in the world. It doesn't matter to me if I only draw pictures for strangers who never leave comments so long as I know someone somewhere sometime may see one and smile. That doesn't mean, however, that I'll ever go back to posting more than once a week or so.

Be well, Andrew. I love Edrig and Adrig and will continue to enjoy whatever you do choose to post.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks Susan, and re the stingers (in a comment I received by email but that you may have deleted - or sent to another world...) agreed, but these octopuses are not of this world. Anyway,maybe Edrig was just dreaming... or I was... or you were... :)

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

and on this word there is debate over octopuses v octopi v octopodes, but in inter-dimensional limbo land they have other things to worry about :)

Elephant's Child said...

I am very grateful to have found you - and will accept with pleasure whatever you feel able/willing/ready to share. Take care of yourself.