5 October 2013

Topped tower

Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

Edrig was leaning against what seemed to be a dusty concrete wall, staring out through a ragged hole in the wall opposite with rusted and crumbling iron reinforcements protruding from its edges, and he was observing white clouds drifting slowly across a blue sky. A blue sky, he pondered. The same as on 717 then. Hmm...

He was cold and uncomfortable, which was unsurprising since his naked body was covered only by a roughly cut and scratchy animal fur which formed a sort of a gown that reached down to just beyond his knees.

Adrig, leaning against the wall beside Edrig, was similarly dressed, but he was looking sideways through a rectangular hole in the bare masonry that he took to be the remains of a window.

'I think we may be very high up,' Adrig murmured.

'Shhh,' Edrig commanded, 'I think someone is climbing up towards us.

And it was true, for the man who called himself Adm appeared at the top of what looked like a ruined stairwell about twenty paces from Edrig's worried face, walked over to the hole that Edrig had been looking through and looked downwards. He too was dressed in a roughly cut fur covering.

Adm and his few companions were the first to enter the city since its ruination, although they couldn't know that, and they had explored very carefully while happy to find a plentiful population of little creatures that they could capture often enough to keep them sustained. There was much more life here than in the high mountains they had grown up in. The old streets were now largely woodland, full of scurrying small things, beneath the population of soaring and fluttering birds. Nothing big though, strangely. No big cats, although they had spotted a few small ones that had been quick to run away.

It had been a long journey for Adm and his companions, from the high and hot lands into these more mellow places, enjoying increasing rainfall as they travelled, followed by many long days of creeping into the ruins, listening and looking for other people, but finding no sign. And then reaching the high but wrecked centre, and exploring a few lower levels of the buildings before beginning to climb cautiously up to where Adm then stood, at the highest point in the whole incredible conurbation. He could see three of his less adventurous companions far below, looking like tiny insects to him, and he waved at them and cried out 'Ho!', but could discern no response. Did they even know he had reached the top? He shouted out again with, 'Ho! Am topped!', but they showed no sign of hearing him, although a female voice that he recognised as Eva's called out, 'Neer up,' from a little way below.

The arrival of Adm and Eva had stirred up the seemingly ancient concrete dust that covered the floor.

The dust dissipated outwards and drifted towards Edrig and Adrig.

Then Edrig sneezed.


Elephant's Child said...

You are a master of the cliff hanger... or tower hanger.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks, and don't hang too long for already there is more from the tower up above.

Claude said...

The words arE DRAGging so slowly .But there will be new ADAtions; nEVA fear. And we'll read everything; we'rE DRUGged by the story.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Ha ha. You may be entering the deep madness of addiction phase, I fear, my dear.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

....and more scheduled for one minute past midnight my time today, but I make no long term promises. Hoping to write on, even if erratically, and to avoid the Biggy Booms though. I have some plans, but events have a way of interfering with plans, as Adrig and Edrig know so well.