4 October 2013

The banishment

Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

'My goodness,' said Edrig towards the dozing Adrig as they found themselves wakening in the morning while still lying on the rugs in the interrogation suite. 'My goodness that was an exhausting evening.'

'But not altogether an unsatisfactory one considering what was expected when we sat in that damn prison pod,' said a sleepy Adrig while yawning widely.

'My head feels very odd,' said Edrig.

'Mine too, and my poor apparatus feels numb. Just had to check it was all still there.'

'Me too. Hardly any feeling left down there at all.'

'But the threat of an electric stinger stick discharged into the bare backside does motivate you somewhat, eh?'

'It does indeed. We were lucky we only got threats.'

'Very lucky indeed. Thank goodness for the strength of the testosterjuice.'

'But why are we still in here? Still locked in I presume... Oh, and no doubt still being listened to and recorded, remember.'

'Ah yes. The dear Ladies. Better than the one who is now gone though.'

'Gone so tragically. Ha ha!'

'Well I'm tired, and I'm warm, and I'm going back to sleep if they will allow it.'

'Me too. Much to sleep off.'

'And much numbness to try to rub away.'

'Well you can do that for yourself my friend, ha ha.'

'Ha ha indeed.'

And they drifted off to sleep again, until wakened by three Ladies entering in their black gowns and bearing electric stinger sticks. They were different Ladies from the night before.

'Stand up. Sit down. Over there...' The orders came sharp and brusque.

'Stand up... Swap seats... Sit down... Stand up... Ha ha! We do love playing with our prisoners don't we? Stand up again... Sit on his knee... Get off... Stand up.... Now you sit on his knee... Give him a big kiss on his cheek... Aw... Ha ha. So funny!'

Edrig and Adrig complied with every instruction, with their sense of humiliation reaching a peak and then eventually just subsiding into weary submission as the teasing continued.

'Stand up. The punishment has been decided,' one of the dark Ladies eventually declared.

'Oh...' muttered Edrig, while Adrig just stood wobbling a little.

'One Half-Orbit Study Banishment to 718.'


'Yes silly man. Study Banishment to 718, and your report had better be good. You think that doesn't sound so bad do you?'


'You think that will be fun?'


'My goodness your language is limited, isn't it?'


All three ladies shook their heads.

'718. No money. No credit card. Not that they would help you much there anyway. No communifier. No stunner. No nothing. Just you two alone in, eh... the basic coverings... and a study report to research. Ha ha. How nice.'

'Eh... What sort of sample is 718, my Lady?' Adrig dared to inquire.

'You don't know?'


'Oh for goodness sake. I've had enough of this. Be gone now, and good luck.' And she pointed at the doorway behind them, causing Edrig and Adrig to turn and hobble off rather delicately in the direction of her pointing, with the parts between their legs still rather numb.

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Elephant's Child said...

They seem to have landed on their feet. Probably. And numbness is much more better than pain (so luck is on their side there too).