15 October 2013

The atmosphere deteriorates

Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

Time passed slowly.

Edrig and Adrig spent much of it tutoring Adm in some of the key differences between their two languages.

'You are intelligent,' Edrig informed Adm at one point. 'You learn well.'

'I learn well,' said Adm, proudly.

They did what they could to inform Adm of the existence of many worlds, and of what had clearly happened to Adm's world in the older days, as he called them. And Adm told them that he had never witnessed the 'biggy booms', but had been told of them by his mother and father, who had been told of them by their mothers and fathers, and so on for a long way back. It was unclear how long. And he told of his own little group setting out from a larger group in the high hilly lands to explore what lay far down and across the plains.

'They not liked me and Eva much. Kinduv kicked out with some buds who come too.'

As they talked they drank a little from the water reserves in the pod and they nibbled at a few dry rations that were available. The Ladies remained resolutely sealed in their suits, sucking on their own internal supplies until they were almost done, but eating nothing since that would require opening up their suits.

'Plenty fat on them to sustain them for a few years,' Edrig commented at one stage, and the three men laughed.

Then came the moment when Adm said, 'I need shit.'

'Ah yes,' responded Edrig, 'I have been thinking of that issue myself. There are no facilities because we are supposed to be unconscious for most of the journey with our bodily functions in a shut down state, and we are certainly not meant to be in here for as long as it seems we may be.'

'I do need shit. Or, eh... wait... No... I do need to do shit. Yes. Is that better?'

'A somewhat better sentence construction my friend, but no improvement in the situation. Well anyway, you will just have to do a shit then, and so will we if we need to, and possibly pees too.'



'Ah... Pishings... Yes. Pishings too.'

So as the Ladies looked on, Adm squatted in the corner with his ragged fur gown across his knees, and released his dual cargo onto the pod floor just as Adrig was casting his eyes around for some container that might help.

'Oh my goodness,' declared Adrig, as the aroma reached him.

'Dear me,' added Edrig, grimacing.

The Ladies, in their sealed suits, just quietly shook their heads.

'Oh. He could have used the evacuation compartment to send it the same way as the stunners,' Adrig suggested, not having found any container. 'Oh well. Too late now. And even more messy to try to deal with it that way now. We should have thought of that.'

'It is too late now for many things we maybe should have thought about a bit more, my man,' said Edrig with a sad voice.

'Indeed, my boy. Indeed. That is the way life goes, is it not?'

'It's certainly the way our lives seem to go.'

'Much gooder now for me but,' said Adm with a smile.

And time passed...

After what seemed like at least one his own world's whole days the floor of the pod was rather moist and one corner had accumulated the biological waste of three males. The suited Ladies at least had the advantage of internal absorbent pads, but they had seemed to be sitting rather uncomfortably for a while.

In the middle of one of the continuing conversations among the men, it was Adm who eventually noticed that the Ladies had slumped and apparently lost consciousness.

'Eyes closed. Not moved for long time,' he declared, pointing at them. 'Gone? Just eh.. sleepings maybes?'

'Oh damn,' said Edrig, 'We better open the suits up.'

'Us have to?' Adm asked.

'I don't know... Two dead Ladies to explain away though... If not dead already... Or just sleeping? Does this pod record things, by the way?'

'I doubt it. Not a prison pod. Maybe though... But I think we have to open them up,' said Adrig.

'So do I,' agreed Edrig. Then he shouted out, 'Of course! Definitely! We must save our Ladies!' And this sudden burst of apparent enthusiasm and devotion caused Adrig to roll his eyes.

'Don't,' said Adm firmly, but by then Adrig and Edrig were already ripping at the seals around the necks of the suits and pulling off the head masks.

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