6 October 2013

Hard rain

Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

The situation deteriorated significantly when the rain began to fall, sending the survivors, as Adrig had named them, hurrying to erect a few small shelters constructed from tied animal skins propped up on joined branches.

There was barely enough room for all twenty-three survivors in the shelters, and so amid a little awkwardness Adrig had pointed towards the nearby shell of a building and indicated that he and Edrig would retreat to there, even though there was only a small area of dusty concrete that was not accumulating puddles.

Adm followed shortly afterwards and seemed keen to ask some questions, beginning with, 'So wherr frum? No more peeps with? No eats? And odd words. Odd speaky.'

Ah... What to say in answer to that? Where had they come from and how had they happened to be slumped against a wall on the top floor of the tallest building in a ruined city. An awkward issue.

'Far,' said Adrig, while Edrig wondered about details.

'In noh sneaks?' inquired Adm, with what Edrig felt was a certain suspicion developing in his voice as he examined their feet, having perhaps already noticed how soft and uncalloused they were.

'Compaycated,' Adrig offered, trying to learn and mimic the words he had heard Adm use earlier.

'Sometimes it may be best just to tell the truth,' Edrig whispered to Adrig, 'because they won't believe it and will just dismiss us as harmless nutters.' As agreed, they continued to speak to one another in Sample 717 English, because communicating their own high squeaky tongue would surely be too risky.

'Nutters?' Adm asked immediately, having picked up more than Edrig had hoped.

'Yes. Nutters,' confirmed Edrig, 'but from another place.'

'Escapey peeps?'

'Eh... No... not exactly escaped but... well... we were left here.'

'Left? You bad peeps?'

'No. No. No... Not bad peeps, but eh, left... abandoned... lost.'

'Ah... lost,' said Adm, frowning and appearing to be thinking. Then he said something very interesting.

'We need man seeds for babes. Girlies want babes. Only some manage babes with us. Is odd. We need noo man seeds... but not bad peeps or nutters seeds.'

'Oh...' said Edrig and Adrig, almost simultaneously.

'We think, eh?' Adm appeared to suggest.

'Eh yes... We can think about it eh? If that is what you mean.'

'We think... We see... Sleepy peeps now.'

'Eh yes, we will try to sleep.'

And that remark from Edrig prompted Adm to depart towards one of the shelters.

But although they were quite drunk from the brew, the two stranded superior beings found it difficult to sleep, huddled as they were on a dry patch of floor in a cold dusty shelter with much on their mind.

'Well that's an offer to ponder my lad eh?' said Adrig, quietly.

'Yes it is old man. Yes it is. But...'




'Well... Would you want to bring any child of yours into this?'

'Ah... I see what you mean my young friend, and I admire your concern for the consequences of the actions that I am sure you would be most willing to undertake.'

'The actions yes. The consequences no. This is a bad place Adrig. A bad situation.'

'True, but is our place at home any better really? Or is any place? Would you want to bring any child of yours into any of the worlds that you have been to or have studied, really? Remember I have many children. You have none, unless that recent testoterjuiced orgy has started some. Hah! But I had no choice. The big brutes of our ladies... Well anyway. With choice? Would you? Would you really want to bring a child into this madness? Or into any madness?'

'It's a good question my friend. Perhaps on 717.'

'Yes, 717 was okay, at least in the rich lands.'

'Yes. Perhaps on 717.'

'But here?'

'Perhaps not. It's not a life for anyone now really is it? Scraping around in radioactive ruins or wild woods with radioactive rain falling?'

'But then they seem content enough.'

'They do. So far,' Edrig conceded. 'But still...'

'We may have no choice here either though.'

'Perhaps... And some nice ladies eh?'

'Yes. Nice ladies.'

'I'm cold.'

'So am I.'

'Here... come closer. A man hug even, eh? For warmth.'

'Perhaps my friend. For warmth.'


'Yes Edrig?'

'I am worried.'

'And so am I my boy. So am I.'


Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

And just this evening as I was wondering if my sources of information might dry up, a little Imp just visiting my mind, has whispered to me some details of what happened next... Oh my goodness... A turn of events that will take many more posts to tell, if the Imp can just be so kind as to keep whispering. I wonder where the little Mind Imps get their information. Not what I expected at all...

Elephant's Child said...

Please, feed and nurture that imp...

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

I think that I should be careful what you wish for...

It feeds on my mind.

Elephant's Child said...

And there is plenty there for it to feed on.