5 October 2013


Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

Adm and Eva turned in the direction of Edrig's sneeze, gazed across the dusty chamber, and as Eva took a step backwards Adm shouted out, 'Peeps!', in obvious amazement.

Edrig looked at them, while Adrig was still looking in alarm at Edrig as a result of the sneeze.

'Peeps?' muttered Edrig. 'What the heck does peeps mean?'

In the meantime Eva had rushed over to the top of the stairwell and was screaming downwards. 'Peeps. Ther peeps up topped! Peeps!'

'Ah... I think they may mean people,' Adrig suggested quietly. 'A related language to 717 English perhaps, but not the same.'

'Are we locked onto some sort of rescue system?' Edrig asked, concerned.

'I doubt it my lad. Although I don't know. I suppose they must monitor us somehow as we're only meant be here for half of an orbit, but... Uh oh...'

Adm, who seemed a young and powerful man, was advancing carefully towards them, then he stopped about five paces away and looked down at the two slumped superior beings from afar.

'Ho peeps,' Adm said, and he gave a friendly little wave.

'Hello,' said Edrig.

'Hello? Whay Hello?'

'Oh... Perhaps I mean Ho, eh? Yes Ho.'

'Hah. Ho...' said Adm, while Eva had by then advanced to beside Adm, and then she said, 'Ho peeps.'

'Well this is going okay,' Adrig told Edrig, 'So far.'

'Sofa?' said Adm, with a puzzled tone.

'This,' said Edrig to Adrig, 'May not be easy. Indeed it may be rather complicated.'

Adm smiled at this. 'Compaycate,' he said with a grin. 'Hay yah. Compaycate. But Ho. Hip up?' and he offered his hand to Edrig to help him up, and Edrig accepted the offer and was soon standing and still feeling the firm grip of this stranger's hand on his.

Adrig had hauled himself to his feet also, and so the four beings stood there looking each other up and down. Adm and Eva were smiling, but Edrig and Adrig bore expressions of concern. All four were in similar deep brown roughly shaped fur gowns, but Adm's and Eva's were much more worn and battered than Edrig's and Adrig's rather shiny new ones.

'Gud,' said Adm, reaching out to feel Edrig's clothing while nodding his head approvingly, but then he looked down, pointed at Edrig's bare feet and declared, 'Uh... Noh sneaks.'

'No sneaks?' said Edrig, then looking at the rough leather bindings that covered Adm's feet he realized that shoes might be the issue.

'We have no sneaks,' he said to Adrig. 'I think we are going to need some sneaks.'

Adrig just looked bemused. 'I want to go home,' he told Edrig in a despairing tone. 'Or back to 717 with my credit card for a hotel and some blueberry muffins and coffee, and beer, and pole dancers.'

'Hah!' said Adm, his face lighting up. 'Poley dance?' And he gestured towards Eva who laughed and began to wiggle her hips and twist her torso from side to side. And she had rather slim hips and a rather well-endowed upper torso, as Adrig and Edrig had both noticed. She was like a rather lovely 717 lady, not a big horrible Lady from home.

'Good God!' exclaimed Edrig.

Adm frowned at this and waved his hand about as if to indicate the ruins all around them.

'Bad God,' he announced sadly. 'Or noh God... Biggy Booms of older days bust all.'

'Biggy Booms?' muttered Adrig quietly. 'Biggy Booms? Oh dear my boy, oh dear. I fear we may have arrived in a land after the nuclear phase went wrong. Went, eh... boom, as he says. And we may indeed be standing in rather radioactive dust.'

'Oh,' said Edrig. 'That doesn't sound too good.'

'No,' agreed Adrig. 'However... trying to be positive... we may also have found a pole dancer.'

At this Eva smiled another alluring little smile, flicked her long if rather lank and dusty brown hair, and gave them another wiggle of all that she had to wiggle at them, which was quite a lot.

'I don't suppose they have any beer though.'

Adm grinned and nodded vigorously.

'Beer,' he said, while pointing directly downwards. 'Beer in buggy basins down.'

'Oh... Though radioactive beer, I fear.' said Edrig. 'How long is half an orbit, I wonder?'

'It would be six months on 717,' Adrig offered while looking out of the window gap again towards the sky.

'It would be nice if the planetary dynamics of this one involved a faster spin.'

Prompted by the word 'spin', Eva began to spin on the spot, while smiling and laughing and wiggling and wobbling some more as Adm began encouraging her with steadily quickening clapping of his hands.

'She's lovely,' said Adrig.

'Yes lovely,' agreed Edrig.

'She's mine,' said Adm firmly, pointing at his chest.


Claude said...

So far: 3 in 1. Same planet, in different dimensions. Same dummies. Fun, though...

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Ah Claude... I have a suspicion that the "same dummies" type may be found wherever life lives across this universe and any others. It is, dare I pretentiously suggest, one of my emerging themes. It is fun though, sometimes.

Claude said...

I actually was coming back, from my toasts and eggs (brunch) to speak in favour of Adrig and Edrig. They are a bit naive and slow but very enterprising and courageous. We owe to people like them the few interesting and fascinating Moments making it worthy to live in the Universe. I could say a lot more but my coffee is getting cold.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Adventurers Claude. Stumbling, bumbling, but adventurers. Such as those who first found coffee beans and thought, hmm, I wonder...

Claude said...

Bravo, lads. Can't wait to see what you will do in the land of the Peeps! Bonne chance.

Elephant's Child said...

Woo hoo. And love that pole dancing and beer survived the Biggy Boom.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Ha ha. It's about all that matters really :)

Claude said...

You're right!