7 October 2013

A morning surprise

Further adventures after Report on Sample 717, following on from here...

Weariness eventually overcame them and they fell into a disturbed sleep, wakening suddenly in daylight to the sound of a wild commotion outside.

'Peeps! More peeps. From the sky!'

Adrig and Edrig sat up together and then hesitated about going out to investigate.

'Peeps from the sky, my lad, sounds rather like our kind of peeps, eh?'

'You think so? Already?'

'I think so lad. And I hope so. Oh... Or do I?'

'Should we be looking? Or hiding? Or...'

Just as the commotion from outside gave way to a troubling silence, two figures appeared in the bright rectangle of the ruined doorway. Two bulky figures in metallic protective suits holding what could immediately be recognized as stunners from home, and they were pointing the stunners directly at Adrig and Edrig.

'Up and out, now!' came the command from the voice of two Ladies from behind the protective masks.



And so the rather bemused duo, both feeling fear mixed with some small degree of hope and relief, stood up and followed the lead of the Ladies, out of the doorway and into the clearing in the woodland amongst the high ruins.

The survivors were gathered around the remains of the previous evening's fire, all looking very puzzled and with Adm standing out a little at the front of the group. They had all been shocked into silence.

About twenty paces from the doorway there stood a large black transporter pod, still humming gently, with its hatch open and green lights flickering on the console inside.

'In!' commanded the Ladies.

'What the? Where going?' Adm shouted out, still holding a drinking vessel that was spilling some of the fermented apple brew.

'Shush,' a female voice called out to him, 'Yuh've been supping. Eva shud not allow supping in early day. Eva! You shud not let drink in early day!'

'Where going?' Adm repeated, walking forwards towards the group of superior beings as they headed towards the pod. 'Stop!'

'He does appear to be somewhat drunk this morning,' Edrig muttered to Adrig, 'Early morning drinking. And they appear to be blaming that on Eva. Interesting.'

'And we appear to be heading homewards my boy, which is also very interesting.'

'Shut up!' commanded one of the Ladies, and then she turned towards the still advancing Adm.

'Oh my, don't you look such a sexy young thing eh?' she told him, but since all of the words from the Ladies were in their own high-pitched language, Adm had no idea whatever about what was being said.

'We could make good use of that one, since he seems so keen to join us,' the second Lady suggested.

'Oh... Could we? I like your way of thinking. My goodness he looks a fit strong boy.'

By now Adm was very close, and his demeanor was aggressive, and so both Ladies turned directly towards him, raised their stunners and screamed 'Stop!', a command that sounded only like an owl screeching to Adm. So he did not stop. So he received the blast of two stunners in his midriff. So he immediately collapsed to the ground.

Two other men of the group approached as if to rescue their colleague, but stopped as soon as the stunners were raised towards them.

'Get this sexy primitive inside the pod,' one Lady said to Edrig and Adrig, and they immediately did so, dragging his limp body to the hatch and heaving it inside.

'Nooooohhhhhhhhh,' cried the survivors.

'Don't worry! Don't worry!' Adrig called back, for he could think of nothing else appropriate to say.

'Get in fools!' the Ladies demanded, and soon all four of them were inside the pod beside the helpless Adm unconscious on the floor.

The hatch was closed. The pod began to hum, and then to the amazement of the watching group in the clearing it dematerialized into a bright beam of light that shot upwards towards the clouds and then was gone.

'This,' said Adrig to his companions, 'will become the stuff of legend down there, if these people manage to survive and thrive and breed onwards and multiply. Ha ha!'

'Hmm...,' offered Edrig, 'A man called Adm under the influence of a heady apple brew, and apparently as a result of the encouragement or at least with the collusion of a woman called Eva... That sounds strangely familiar to me, although I am not sure why.'

'Ha! Yes! Very similar to a 717 legend my boy. Yes. Strangely familiar indeed.'

'Shut up!' said one of the Ladies, sternly.

And the pod spun on...


Elephant's Child said...

The imp is taking me in some unexpected directions. Thank you - and it. And poor Adm. Poor, poor Adm.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Yes, although as you'll see from the latest post this evening you may have to be a bit more patient now, sorry. Events...

Claude said...

Adm deserves the Ladies. Look at what he did to us because he was not man enough to tell Eva he would not eat that apple. He could have said," Let's find a banana instead." and spit on the snake. And we would never have had to toil to earn a living.

Edrig and Adrig are having quite a good time so far. Not to worry, lads, your pole dancing girls are getting nearer and nearer...

susan said...

It's a wonderful little story. I'm quite smitten by Adrig and Edrig and looking forward to their further adventures upon your return.

Best wishes for whatever events have called you away.