21 September 2013

Sampling 717 (2)

Another rough draft sample, following on from the first one, of the latest from Sample 717...

'Did you find anything of interest in your science magazine?' Adrig asked, after a while, remembering what Edrig had been doing as he lay in bed the evening before, while Adrig had found another episode of Tom and Jerry to enjoy.

'I find these people strange,' Edrig responded with a serious tone. 'It is true that their computers are very simple, but you'd think that even their basic computers would have given them a clue about what is really going on in their world.'

'What do you mean?' asked Adrig, although rather disinterested in the issue, whatever it was, because he had just discovered that with the shifting of the morning sun the high window beside him offered a clear reflection of a rather beautiful lady on the other side of the room. A vision he could gaze at intently while seemingly just looking out at the trees as Edrig continued.

'Well of course inside their computers there are just atoms and molecules and ions and electrons, all moving around in accordance with physical law, the fundamental forces and all that.'

'Of course,' muttered Adrig, while admiring the fine cut of the reflected lady's jaw and the slim neck below it.

'But they know that a program is directing the precise flow of the electricity. Exactly where it goes. They know that because they write the programs. So even though the bits and pieces looked at in detail just obey physics, they also obey the programs overall.'


'But then when they look inside themselves at their living bodies and minds and inside their little sample world around them, they think that all there is to it is just matter and energy following physical law. Which it is of course, but they are missing the program that nevertheless guides it all. You see what I mean?'

'Eh... sorry. What?'

'The program. The software. They are missing the program behind it all, and thinking that everything is just happening all on its own, with all the bits being bounced about just by physical law... which... eh... they are being, of course, but these people here are missing a whole level of control and determination behind it all. As I said, they are missing the program. Are you listening to me?'


'Do you see what I mean?'

'What I see, my boy, and what I am looking at very closely, are the very lovely products of the program, whatever it really is, because deep down you don't know and neither do I, after all.'

'Well yes,' conceded Edrig as he looked out of the window, 'The trees are nice.'

'Ha ha,' smirked Adrig, 'The trees? You really do understand so little, just like everyone around here.'

'Perhaps,' continued Edrig earnestly, 'but I know more than these, eh, bozos.'

'Bozos! Ha ha. Your mastery of their words is nearly complete. But I wonder lad, I really do wonder... How does one get the attention of a lady in this place? We never have to do such things back home. The big bastards just pick us out and stuff us full of testosterjuice when they want us to perform. But these beautiful slight slim specimens... How does one get them interested?'

Edrig looked across at Adrig's craggy old face and straggling grey hair.

'A haircut might help,' he announced, 'for your style does seem rather out of place around here. So, yes, a haircut might help. Although unfortunately I don't think it would help enough.'

Edrig accepted Adrig's returning scowl with a smile, and shifted his thoughts to another matter, saying, 'Anyway, we really should be thinking of moving on, don't you think? We have been lucky to avoid the further attentions of the police. They do know us now.'

'Huh,' snorted Adrig dismissively, 'They know not to mess with us, at least two of them do, and some of the others just think we're nutters. The lads from another planet, ha ha. But yes, you may have a point. We should perhaps consider a move. Anonymity is probably best. But I do still hold out hopes for the pole dancing class, you know, the filming... after her closure for vacation. Damned inconvenient that closure.'

'But other cities have them freely on show in clubs, or at least for a nominal entry fee.'

'That's true. That's true. One more day here anyway eh? Then we'll see.'

The source of the reflection in the window rose from her chair to leave the room, and Adrig turned his gaze directly towards her to watch her go.

'There is so little of her,' he murmured, 'and yet so much, and all so wiggly and wobbly in such a wonderful way.'

Edrig followed Adrig's gaze.

'Too young for you,' he offered, before adding, 'They're all too young for you.'

And Adrig scowled again.


Elephant's Child said...

Poor Adrig.

Claude said...

Do they have a fair amount of money left? If you give me the address, I would email him that he has a chance to get a young lady if he can buy her a few things.

Claude said...

BTW, I did not lose my Kindle: Aileen the Alien, when getting rid of the faulty computer. Martin showed me how to reach it on my shiny laptop. Aileen is very much there and has not changed one bit!

susan said...

That was wonderful. I especially liked the bit about the brutes picking them up and stuffing them with testosterjuice.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

Thanks for the comments, Dear Ladies.