10 July 2013

The Isle of Arran

A very fine and friendly seagull welcomes us to the ship

and escorts us all the way across

Arran looks inviting

Can my own beauty compare? (No answers please). And although it was very hot a sweatshirt was needed in the surprisingly strong wind on the water, even though it was quite still on the land

and my lady in the shadows perhaps contemplates pushing me over the side

But I make it safely ashore

Oh look... a golf course

Geese to face up to and tiny ducklings in amongst that lot, to avoid standing on

Look... three of them

A nice river runs towards the sea, as rivers tend to do

Who needs to fly to Portugal for sunbathing when it is 31 Degrees Celsius (88 F.) in Scotland?

That grand mountain again, which we call Goatfell

Heading back to the mainland after a long afternoon of walking, and drinking, and walking

and then some sustenance, in the form of salmon steak, fries and salad for the lady and a hefty prime steak burger with cheese, salsa, jalapeno peppers, guacamole, onion rings and salad for me

That photograph being taken just a few minutes before my careless (or crafty?) lady managed to spill an entire glass of iced diet cola across the table and all over me, allowing me to appreciate that after the initial shock a soaking of ice-cold diet cola in the crotch is actually a fine way to refresh a man's manly bits on a hot summer evening. Oh how the helpful waitress and waiter with their cloths enjoyed my discomfort. The waitress asked, 'Would you like another one?', to which I replied that, 'One was quiet sufficient thanks,' only to realize that she was talking to my lady. The waiter suggested that my lady may wish to throw the next one in my face. Oh... how funny, funny, funny they all were...

And then I dried off in the sunshine outside

What a fine day it was


Claude said...

Indeed, a splendid day, with birds quacking, river running, beautiful sky, great food, mirth and laughter. Thank you for it all!

Craig said...

Stunning photos Andrew. Even though the view is so familiar to me, I enjoyed it very much. So lucky too with the weather - scorchio!
I'm glad that we could put on a good show for you.

Pete McAdam said...

Looks lovely Andrew, even the seagull looks noble, which I am sure it is not.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

The seagull appears to make a good living eating the chips held up for it in the fingers of dutiful tourists, then swooping down for the occasional fish in the sea to complement the chips. Perhaps not noble, but smart.

Andrew MacLaren-Scott said...

See it swooping off with another load of food in my next post.

Craig said...

Andrew - you're right, we are up on the hill but at the south end of the village. If you know where the Hydro is (just along from the waterside) then we're almost directly above that. Perhaps more like 600M than 300M (I'm an optimist)

CherryPie said...

It sounds like a perfect day apart from the coke incident. The seagull looks rather familiar... I wonder if he is the same one that had his eye on my lunch (and ankle) in Brighton!