14 June 2013

Cracking up

Not me. I'm fine. Although I did have an alarming encounter with a poor chap in the middle of some strange form of temporal lobe fit, yesterday, as he rose from the phase of violent leg-kicking, escaped from his carer's grip, pushed past me kicking a chair, and as people tried to restrain him some security guards who knew him well screamed, 'Let him go! Just let him go!' And about 15 minutes later he was back and asking what he had done, glumly, having no memory of it at all... And a hundred years or so ago people would have said he was possessed by demons, I expect, instead of being temporarily and temporaly controlled by chaotic electro-chemical activity in his head, which settled down, until the next time. And through it all I was just trying to have a coffee... And as I began this post I had meant to just present an interesting image of what the stress of chemical bonding had done to dried mud, but that led my mind elsewhere, as it is so easily led, elsewhere.


Claude said...

Nice to kick out, for a few minutes, the straight jacket one might need to survive the hours.

Elephant's Child said...

That poor man. And the dried mud is an image I find scary - it is too common to see our river beds look like that.