28 June 2013

The wisdom of Georgia (aged 5)

She lives next door, and I was bending down to show her an interesting stone.

'Why have you got bald hair, Andrew?' she asked.

'I don't have bald hair. You can't have bald hair.'

'Yes you can. You do...'

'Do you mean a bald head?'

'No! Bald hair!'

'What is bald hair then?'

'It's hair that isn't there!'

And her tone implied that I was being very stupid indeed.

She liked the stone, and carried it off to her collection.

27 June 2013

Through a glass, sparkly

Strawberry fields forever

Partially quoting: John Lennon & Paul McCartney:

 Let me take you down 
‘Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields ...
Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see 
It's getting hard to be someone 
But it all works out 
It doesn't matter much to me ...
But you know I know when it's a dream 
I think I know I mean a 'Yes'
But it's all wrong 
That is I think I disagree ...
Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see 
It's getting hard to be someone 
But it all works out 
It doesn't matter much to me ...
 Let me take you down 
‘Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields ...

What shall we talk about?

or do you just want a hug?

My date with a flower

Just me and her over a long liquid lunch, oh... unless you count that distant waitress in silhouette, hovering, concerned, wondering if I am quite right in the head, which I am most certainly not, but I do believe that I am mostly harmless.

23 June 2013

Exclusive images

My wild and exotic trip through time and space has proved less scenic than I had expected, but I do hope these exclusive and astonishing images make it out to you via the wifi worm hole, although I am not sure that I will make it back. I have been told there is a secret hatchway if only I can find it in the dark, which may take some time, and space.

The interior of a black hole:

The view at the end of the universe:

Images copyright of Andrew MacLaren-Scott

22 June 2013

Deeper and darker

Looking further into the bottom of a glass, more darkly...

I think I may be getting sucked in now, to another place entirely

20 June 2013

Through a glass, lightly

Simply strange

A bacon and egg roll and a large and very good mug of black tea in a gloriously unpretentious little cafe, for a mere £3.50,

to be followed by a game of golf on this island in the River Tay, at 6.30 pm, just a few hours before the summer solstice, again,

to be followed by an hour or so of tapping more rubbish into a keyboard prior to drifting out of existence again and into the unconsciousness of sleep.

It's not much, but it's what I call an okay day, in a life, of a mind... which began all over again just a few hours ago, on emerging from the unconscious lack of existence of sleep.

It is all very strange.

15 June 2013

Sleeping like a log

My next home?

What? Sleeping in a bush?

Austerity must be really kicking in. Oh... unless I am being told I'll soon be buried under a bush. Best not to over-interpret the messages we find, perhaps. Especially since I also found this just beside the historical site of the burning of three (alleged) witches and a wizard:

Spookily... someone local referred to me as a The Wise Wizard just a few days ago. I thought they were being kind but now I have my doubts.

Down to the woods again

To find an orange and cream fungus wider than a dinner plate

and that someone has been improvising sculpture

and more seats have appeared for teddy bears

14 June 2013

Cracking up

Not me. I'm fine. Although I did have an alarming encounter with a poor chap in the middle of some strange form of temporal lobe fit, yesterday, as he rose from the phase of violent leg-kicking, escaped from his carer's grip, pushed past me kicking a chair, and as people tried to restrain him some security guards who knew him well screamed, 'Let him go! Just let him go!' And about 15 minutes later he was back and asking what he had done, glumly, having no memory of it at all... And a hundred years or so ago people would have said he was possessed by demons, I expect, instead of being temporarily and temporaly controlled by chaotic electro-chemical activity in his head, which settled down, until the next time. And through it all I was just trying to have a coffee... And as I began this post I had meant to just present an interesting image of what the stress of chemical bonding had done to dried mud, but that led my mind elsewhere, as it is so easily led, elsewhere.

Waiting, then out, then in again

12 June 2013

Falling up again

I know I have not been away for the week's absence that I promised, but something was done sooner than I expected, and then I found a signal, so even though I am not exactly back yet, I suppose I am back here. I feel a bit disoriented, but that is normal (for me). Talking rubbish will continue, even when the disorientation wears off.

Oh, and taking a look outside, I can see this:

which is not a bad way to obstruct a view.

8 June 2013

Done Don

The persona of noble Don QuiScottie is riding off into the sunset, having had his day here. I will be blogging in future as Andrew MacLaren-Scott at andrewmaclarenscott.blogspot.co.uk. There are good professional and personal reasons for this, but there is no need to relate them here.

This Don QuiScottie blog will remain live meantime and my new site also carries all the posts of this blog and also my previous blogging identities as Homo Insciens and plain Andrew Scott.

Dulcinea is faithfully clinging to the back of her Deluded Don as the good horse Apocalypse takes them onwards and into the history of the future, a history that may one day be told in full if fancy takes me that way. I have had some fun with the Don, and with Dulcinea.

I give my thanks to those who have been along for the ride.