10 May 2013

Bloomin' Birthday Boy... Bah...

Fifty-eight circles
around the sun are done
so here we bloomin' go now
on another bloomin' one
I did not ask to take this ride
in life I had no say
just "here you are" and "on you go"
and "do it", day by day
So round and round and round and round
and round and round I spun
sometimes feeling all was lost
and sometimes that I'd won
on fifty-eight bloomin' circles
round a hot and shining sun

I didn't ask my children
if they'd like this journey too
I just eyed up my lady and thought
Oh I fancy you
And thus does bloomin' nature
keep the carousel so busy
with unasked puzzled riders
spinning round and round 'til dizzy


Elephant's Child said...

No, you weren't consulted, and I don't know anyone who was. Perhaps instead of asking you whether you would like a spot on that merry-go-round, we should ask other people whether they want your place reserved for you.
An ego boost of a sort - because we know that they would...

CherryPie said...

Happy Birthday :-)

I know you have had fun with your good lady and your children and I am sure they have enjoyed the carousel ride too ;-)

Don QuiScottie said...

Now that's a logical puzzler Soosie, if you mean asking people who don't exist if they would like to exist. But of course if you mean asking people who are gravely ill before their time, "would you like the seat that this damn mumpin' moaner is using up?" then yes, that makes more sense. I think my lady would need to be consulted about the swap as well as me though, but I fear there are many swaps she's be quite keen on... Oh, perhaps this Birthday Boy should just go to sleep now, instead of thinking. He has fresh young minds to mess up in the lecture theatre at 9am.

And thanks Cherie.

Don QuiScottie said...

Or... maybe Soosie meant asking people already on the ride if they would like me on board or would prefer to kick me off? ... Hmmm... I am off to the land of dreams (if that is not where I currently am). Goodnight.

Syncopated Eyeball said...

I wish you a happy birthday, Andrew, I hope it's full of whatever you'd like best. x

Elephant's Child said...

I did mean asking the people on the ride whether they want you to continue going round with them. And they would!
Happy Birthday.

Claude said...

Happy Birthday!
Keep well and writing.

CalumCarr said...

Only 58! Are you sure?

Perhaps when we meet we'll get other Starbuck customers to count the rings.

Happy birthday, big man!

Sean Jeating said...

The valiant Don
does not live in Lon
while circling the sun,
but in Perth
which alone is a rhyme worth.

To readers' relief
the rest will be brief:

As so exciting was his quest,
may the rest
be smiling.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh very good Don, many happy returns and keep on enjoying the ride..may as well, you can't get off haha!

Craig said...

Many happy returns Andrew.

Don QuiScottie said...

Thanks everybody

Pete McAdam said...

Happy birthday Andrew. Will you be having a wee dram? I know you have already said goodnight but you must have gotten up again to write "Thanks everybody"
All the best!

Don QuiScottie said...

Ah but the "goodnights" were just after midnight before my last sleep Pete, look at the time-stamps, and now it's still the tenth of May, just, and time to try to get ready for another sleep. Confusing following an insomniac blogger eh? So anyway... Not a wee dram actually, but I was in the pub earlier today, and then this evening partaking of that traditional ancient Scottish meal of Chicken & Green Pepper in Black Bean Sauce courtesy of our local Scottish Chinaman Mr MacChung, as he likes to be known :)

susan said...

That's a wonderfully clear poem. Many Happy Returns of the Day.

Don QuiScottie said...

Thank-you Susan. Sometimes I can be so clear that people say they can see right through me. Generally when I am trying to pretend that I am something I am not. Which happens a lot. Oh, a rhyme was not intended here, but a rhyme is what I got...

Pretending to be a poet again :)

daisyfae said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to another trip around the sun!

Don QuiScottie said...

Thanks Daisyfae. This orbit is all going rather well actually, so far.