15 August 2018

Cambridge - Fen Ditton return

A view to wake up to

A view over breakfast

There were two reflections of me in Darwin dining hall if you look close enough, lower left

Darwin Island

Trinity great court

Trinity Hall chapel

Then more than six miles of walking via the streets of Cambridge and along the river to The Plough in Fen Ditton and back

including a gaze into an impressive 3-D LED and  mirror sculpture in Kettle's Yard

To the beer garden of The Plough

I am, as we say "knackered", and an evening wander still awaits...

14 August 2018

Cambridge 2018

Another year swings round, another three nights in my college room. It is always good to return for my annual 'retreat' of solitary walking, wondering, writing, drinking, eating, rewinding, restarting...

7 August 2018


I am just trying to have a coffee and do some work. A young lad with what seems to be extremely severe Tourette's, or maybe something else, is gyrating and wailing unceasingly beside me. This is, of course, disturbing, but the young girl who is with him - perhaps a sister - just sits patiently trying to drink her own coffee with a look on her face that seems to me to express casual but tired resignation. Such a tragedy of developmental biology gone awry, which she, I suspect, must have coped with for long, and will probably cope with for long to come. I, on the other hand, can soon walk away. I take no comfort in that. ... Oh... they have gone now, leaving two empty chairs beside my troubled mind, which is shamefully pondering the pathetically petty problems that so often disturb me.