8 September 2018

September setting

Bats are darting erratically
as bats tend to do
The planet is turning
as planets do too
The only point in it all
that I can elucidate
is to live your life and try to appreciate
whatever you build will soon decay
enjoy the moments and live the day

27 August 2018

The nights are drawing in

...and thoughts turn to the options of hibernation or following the birds flying south. Changes afoot for a while, certainly (hopefully). Everything begins again now, from where we are, not where we want to be (yet). Still spinning, still...

15 August 2018

Cambridge - Fen Ditton return

A view to wake up to

A view over breakfast

There were two reflections of me in Darwin dining hall if you look close enough, lower left

Darwin Island

Trinity great court

Trinity Hall chapel

Then more than six miles of walking via the streets of Cambridge and along the river to The Plough in Fen Ditton and back

including a gaze into an impressive 3-D LED and  mirror sculpture in Kettle's Yard

To the beer garden of The Plough

I am, as we say "knackered", and an evening wander still awaits...