21 December 2018


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16 November 2018

Washed out

After many years of writing science books and journalism under my real name, which is Andrew Scott (click here if interested), I began, in 2012, to write fiction, poetry and one volume of memoir as Andrew MacLaren-Scott. I chose that hybrid name in recognition of my grandmother, Isabella MacLaren, who lived beyond 100 years and had a persuasive aura of Scottish highland mystery about her. Apart from one volume published by Andrews UK (no relation), these MacLaren-Scott books were all created using the self-publishing route. It has been an interesting and enjoyable journey, but now, with the publication of a slim volume of attempted poetry called The Wash, it is over; and so is this blog. I have said "it's over" twice before on this blog but have twice returned. I do not wish to return again, although I may well begin a new blog under my own name, perhaps mainly for photographs, and if so will put the details in the comment box of this post; but I do wish to leave this blog alive in the online world, until its further fate is no longer in my hands. I expect the host service, blogger.com will expire, I know that I will expire, I know that everything we do and all of our hopes and dreams and fears and pains and pleasures and loves and hates and everything in between, will all turn to nothing in the end. And I find that comforting. I have not been very well recently. I hope to be rather better soon, but one identity will be enough. So goodbye, Andrew MacLaren-Scott (and, for those who remember, Don QuiScottie de L'Ecosse), but these books remain available on amazon.com and in other places. We wash the past away, and move on.

The Wash

It will all come out in the wash, they say
in the great, grand wash of Time
with the spin cycle of our good Earth each day
and the soak and the suck of the tide
And every disruptive distraction
will disperse to much less than it seems
as everything currently consuming us
dissolves like yesterday's dreams