23 June 2017

To the course the long way

Not to play golf but just to enjoy the longer walk via the East bank for a change and sit in the sunshine on the bench outside the clubhouse accompanied only by 500 ml of "triple-hopped strong malt" India Pale Ale, to celebrate the final day of my part-time academic duties, until September. Students are generally fine but a mutual break from each other is healthy, although on my way back into town I did meet two who are scheduled to encounter my particular brand of teaching for the first time in September. During a brief exchange I informed them to expect to be going "up a level" from what they had just completed, but then told them not to worry. I am not sure they were convinced, and were perhaps concerned by the reek of triple-hopped beer. I may need to work on my pastoral reassurance skills and professional demeanour. We got a fine day.

22 June 2017

Water of Leith Walkway near Roseburn

Hot day sunny haze of leaf and water and light - everything needed for life really, especially with a bottle of cold cider waiting in a pub not far away.

19 June 2017

Another Royal Visit by Her Magnificence

She visits most of the houses of our little road, and acts as if she owns them all

Princes Street people

A pipe band competition, a plethora of nationalities mingling placidly among plants and pleasantness and peace... What could possibly perturb our world? Perhaps the newspaper tucked under my arm?

18 June 2017

Two bright gardens and a dark bottle

From my garden in Perthshire this morning to Princes Street garden in Edinburgh this afternoon, via a bottle of the very fine Dark Dunter, on a hot and sunny Sunday

17 June 2017

Her Magnificence deigns to pose

No matter how dependent they may become on you for comfort, sustenance and entertainment, cats still manage to convey the impression that they are doing you a favour by bestowing upon you the great gift of their company and tolerance

14 June 2017

The South Inch, Perth

In ancient days used for burning people who were not really witches, military archery practice, and where in 1652 Oliver Cromwell commissioned a fortified citadel be built for his troops. Nowadays it is the peaceful parkland I walk through to return to my car after golf. A small audience of readers also know it as being traversed by the road where a Lady Lord met her unfortunate demise in the not yet prize-winning novel Sample 717. Two rather oddly dressed beings known as Adrig and Edrig have been reputed to converse in unintelligible squeaky noises here as well. A fine place.

13 June 2017


At the bottom of my garden...

... water heads towards the River Tay, while the weather is warm but very wet today, the air full of summer mist, the water washing everything and everybody on its way.

7 June 2017

Coffee Dog

The dog sits happily on her man's lap while he reads right through the newspaper and enjoys his coffee. She wags her tail steadily, but faster for regular customers, as she watches each person arrive and each person leave. Everyone and everything gets careful examination. She looks over at me from time to time, thinking "Him again," perhaps, or perhaps not; but it is a scene of peace and mutual contentment as the life of the city swirls around and comes and goes.