11 June 2018

Directions in time

Looking one way, I get the sense that I could be looking at the scene from a hundred years ago, perhaps even a thousand or so...

Turning to look the other way and I see "the longest dry ski slope in Europe" and suburbia beyond, but with the ancient volcano we call Arthur's Seat poking up in the distance as it has done, and will do, over much greater timespans.

29 May 2018

Cuthbert and the Squirrel

Born and raised in Edinburgh, but never having bothered to look inside St Cuthbert's, I looked today, having some minutes to pass before a brotherly lunch. An old lady tried to entice me to linger, but having admired the building and its decoration I escaped to the Red Squirrel next door, which is a pub, where a waiter and a barmaid enticed me to linger with more success.

Next up perhaps, Palmerston Place Cathedral (never been), St Mary's Cathedral (never been); but there again Edinburgh has quite a few pubs to which I have never been either. Places to see and things to do...

14 May 2018

Hedgehog House

A family of hedgehogs lives in the warren of stacked tree branches covered by years of grass cuttings on our riverbank. They have several of these entrance holes. It must be quite a mansion in there really. They have recently emerged again from the long winter hibernation, and are now breeding for another year. I have watched them at it. What a performance... The male circles the female slowly for over an hour while grunting loudly before any real action ensues. Perhaps he is worrying about the prickles. Perhaps she is thinking, 'for goodness sake get on with it.'

Hedgehog heaven