18 January 2018

A worm hole to Planet Beer...

...is one way of putting it I suppose, although I am dubious of some of Brewdog's names and extravagantly oddball marketing ploys, including such messages on their glasses; but I am in awe of their powerful Elvis Juice, which can be enjoyed more like a huge glass of fine wine than a pint of beer. This image is from another of my regular "offices", where today I took over an hour of supping to write a short article about metal-organic frameworks with precisely tuned pores for chemical separation and catalysis applications - at least I think that's what I did. Will need to check when the Elvis Juice wears off.

Brewdog recently lost a silly court case brought by Elvis Presley's estate complaining about their use of the name Elvis, and there was me thinking it was named after Elvis Costello. They plan to appeal, but if they lose that they should just call it Elfish Juice instead, or something equally silly. Cheers.

13 January 2018

Village pub

Making the short walk to the refurbished "local"

To confirm it is a wonderful place of many rooms and every one fine

I lingered.

And we have another pub, also changing. Further research will be required.

Biochemistry glass at The Foundry

I love what has become of the old Perth Foundry, where I can appreciate, discuss and write about biochemistry all at the same time.

Just noticed the decorated furnace workers' masks on the wall yesterday - maybe a new addition, and a nice touch.

10 January 2018

Colours and shapes, outside and inside

Shown just because I like the look of them, and taken today while idly talking to myself about the relevance of doing some things just because I like doing them, rather than always having to find justification in some meaning or purpose. Unless... oh... have I just given this post some justification in meaning and purpose? Oh well. May try unjustified meaninglessness again tomorrow.

5 January 2018

It's all a blur

The city never stops, most people seem to be rushing. I just sit cupping a cup of coffee, yet again, occasionally glancing at the next newspaper headline to prompt a sigh and shake of my head, quietly getting older...

Then I end up sitting opposite my brother over a plate of chicken salad and "kimchi slaw," whatever the heck that is, and he has chosen exactly the same combination to have in the plate in front of him; and we eat, and talk, and end up sighing and shaking our heads in unison, in full agreement about some of the many things that are getting worse rather than better, as we are quietly getting older. And outside of the window people, mostly young, go rushing past, possibly trying to make something better. I wish them luck, even if their idea of better may be my idea of worse.

A room with a view

Which "room"? Well actually a gents toilet cubicle on the top floor of an Edinburgh department store. Magnificent, but somewhat strange. The angles ensure privacy (hopefully).

4 January 2018

Dripping in Dundee

The distilled ocean arrived via the sky, yielding a quiet and dripping mild wetness that I quite liked, actually. I spoke to a new colleague I came across wandering the streets, who has recently moved over from Slovenia. "Scottish weather, eh?" I remarked, but his somewhat surprising response, in still hesitant English, was, "I love it. It is one of the best things here. I love the soft cool rain. Water is life." I barely know him yet, but as we parted I pondered that he was worth talking to some more.