16 November 2015

Things that I think people get mistaken about: They mistake mysteries for god(s); they mistake infatuation for love; they mistake friendship for love; they mistake selfish gratification for love... but that's enough about love (although I could go on); and they mistake opinion for certainty; and they mistake bad for good; ugly for beautiful; wrong for right and false for true. Oh and deception for sincerity, oh yes... a big one that. Although of course I may be mistaken... But god(s) and love(s) are the things most misidentified by most mistakes, I suggest. But I keep making the mistake of thinking that anybody else gives a damn about what I think. And I was mistaken for a woman once, when aged 18 with wild hippy hair and wearing a long coat when a youngster approached and asked me: "Have you got the time missus?" I decided to get the hair severely cut back after that.