15 November 2015

Dead flowers and leaves, clustering and tumbling beneath my rake on the wet grass. The desiccating autumn shapes of nature, leading to thoughts of geometry, and symmetry. And despite what we often say in astonished admiration, no flower has perfect symmetry, if we look close enough; but it is obvious that the rules of perfect symmetry guide every flower's creation. No star or planet is a perfect sphere, yet the principle of perfect sphericity obviously determines their shape. In the geometry of nature we see the clearly evident ruling principles of geometric perfection, yet there is not perfection in any one single case; although the trend towards perfection emerges sharply in the averaging of ever-more samples. The imperfect approximation of perfection in individuals reveals the guidance of the perfect rules throughout. Everywhere we look, we can see the pure and perfect mathematics of the universe that we discover and describe with our simple symbols, but struggle to understand. Just like everything in our universe, that we discover in ever-refining detail, but still struggle to understand.