10 November 2015

We all have a cast of key people who are more or less always in our consciousness, a cast of family and established friends. For me it is quite a small group - my lady, daughter and son are centre stage, then what we could call the man who plays golf, and the man who used to play golf, the good doctor friend and… well really, that’s about all. I am a very self-contained and selective fellow in social interaction. I am generally very content to be alone. But then around that central and fairly stable cast there are the regular characters that flit in and out of my awareness, arriving on the stage of my mind at some point each day, including some who read these words and others whose words I read. And more dynamically, there are the ever-changing characters of the moment - the people who may be friends or enemies or neither, but who are a significant part of the current petty drama that is my life. And new ones come and go stage left and stage right every day, all with something to do, and something to say.